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One of the leading Danish newspapers "Berlingske Tidende" wrote about the designer Jørgen Grünwald and his Cocon lamps:
The Cocon lamps are made of a spiral, consisting of "20 angled windings". It is all cut out of a plain foil. So from the centre, becoming the top, the windings are cut out in one continuous spiral "ring". Held by straps the profile becomes drop-shaped at the outline of the "rings". Although the spiral is mainly open thus strengthening the effect of the lamps light, the bulb is nevertheless hidden at the bottom in such away that it doesn't dazzle from any angle. The predominant part of the light is directed downward, partly directly, partly reflected from the rings. A part of the light is distributed with a warm glow to the room, because the rings are semi-translucent. The material used for the rings is polyvinylchlorid, PVC, which in contrast to paper does not change colour."

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